Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fi was really funny today when we went to go see her. It’s blowing snow horizontally and colder than blazes out there, so I had decided not to ride, and figured if she hadn’t been freelonged I’d turn her loose in the arena for a while. As it happened, they’d all been fl’d, so I contented myself with picking her feet and checking on the remnants of her mud fever. When I went in her stall, instead of the normal brief breath exchange (horses breathe into each other’s nostrils to greet each other) she decided she wanted a protracted sniffy session, swapping sides of her nose against mine, and eventually she started acting as though she was going to start nibbling my face, which is not a terrific idea. Still, she wasn’t being aggressive, just silly, so I laughed at her and pushed her nose away. When I was picking her front feet, she started nuzzling my back, and nibbling ever so slightly on my jacket. It was very funny. I kept laughing and pushing her nose away, since I do not have a horse’s tough skin and if she had swapped to the nibbling horse friends do to each other I’d have lost some hide, but it was funny to see her so affectionate. It reminded me of Windsor and this game we used to play; I’d hold my fingers up to his mouth and he would lip them in between his teeth and just hold them there for a while.


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