Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Hangman Chang, the sinister bony-fingered menace from the East."
"Nathan Blaze...The twat."

- Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible, "Frenzy of Tongs"


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two-Sentence Movie Reviews


Owlvark: "So, that's it then, they're just going to smirk at each other over a pot."
Duamuteffe: "Well, that's probably more or less how the script was written."

(I feel compelled to explain that in the first ten minutes of the film they try to convince you that Atilla the Hun made a pact with Hades for something called the Sword of Mars, which is guarded by Cerberus. *Atilla the Hun.* Making a pact with the *Greek* pantheon. For a weapon from the *Roman* pantheon. Excuse me, what?)


Princess: "There was so much hate in him. How did I not see it?"
Warrior: "He was my closest friend. I did not see it either."

Duamuteffe: "Yeah, seriously, look at the guy- how did they not see that?"
Owlvark: "It was dripping off him. Dripping off his chin in the shape of a beard. A hate beard."


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Woo-hoo! Beach day!

Presque Isle continues its tradition of awesomeness. The beach was hardly even crowded, and there were several free picnic tables to have our lunch on. We played the least impressive game of frisbee ever, and had nearly 45 seconds of swimming before the lifeguards announced the end of swim time. Oops. We'll time it better next time.
We then headed to Waldameer and wandered around checking out the new rides, and cheering to see the older ones still in place (the Wacky Shack and Pirates' Cove are still going strong) We're going to get the gang together one of these days and do a dawn-till-dusk run on the park and the water park.

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Yet another reason I'm still ecstatic to be an Independent...

"Another thing that makes some elite conservatives nervous in this recession is the sheer level of unhinged, even violent irrationality at the grassroots. In postwar America, a panicky, violence-prone underbrush has always been revealed in moments of liberal ascendency. In the Kennedy years, the right-wing militia known as the Minutemen armed for what they believed would be an imminent Russian takeover. In the Carter years it was the Posse Comitatus; Bill Clinton's rise saw six anti-aborition murders and the Oklahoma City bombings. Each time, the conservative mainstream was able to adroitly hive off the embarrassing fringe while laying claim to some of the grassroots anger that inspired it. Now the violence is back. But this time, the line between the violent fringe and the on-air harvesters of righteous rage has been harder to find. This spring the alleged white-supremacist cop-killer in Pittsburgh, Richard Poplawski, professed allegiance to conspiracist Alex Jones, whose theories Fox TV host Glenn Beck had recently been promoting. And when Kansas doctor George Tiller was murdered in church, Fox star Bill O'Reilly was forced to devote air time to defending himself against a charge many observers found self-evident: that O'Reilly's claim that 'Tiller the baby killer' was getting away with 'Nazi stuff' helped contribute to an atmosphere which Tiller's alleged assassin believed he was doing something heroic.
At least in the past, those who wished to represent their movement as cosmopolitan and urbane could simply point to William F. Buckley as the right's most prominent spokesman. Now Buckley is gone, and the most prominent spokesmen- the Limbaughs and O'Reillys and Becks- can be heard mouthing attitudes once confined to the violent fringe. For the second time in three months, Fox heavily promoted anti-administration 'tea party' events this past Fourth of July- rallies in praise of secession and the Articles of Confederation, at which speakers 'joked' about a coupe against the 'communist Muslim Barack Obama' like the one against Manual Zelaya in Honduras. 'What's going on at Fox News?' Frum recently asked, excoriating Beck for passing out to followers books by the nutty far-right conspiracy theorist W. Cleon Skousen. If you were an elite conservative, you might be embarrassed too.
The conservative intellectuals once were able to work together more effectively with the conservative unwashed. Now, more and more, their recent irritation renders them akin to the Stalinist commissars mocked by poet Bertolt Brecht, who asked if they might 'dissolve the people/and elect another.' The bargain the right was offered the downwardly mobile, culturally insecure traditionalist- give us your votes, and we will give you existential certitudes in a world that seems somehow to have gone crazy- is looking less like good politics all the time."

- Rick Perlstein, "Beyond The Palin"

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reason 1,001,557 why my life rules

#While watching 'Dr. No' on late night TV#

Bond: (to woman in film) "Who are you?"
Owlvark: #as woman# "I'm Mrs No."
Owlvark: #as Bond# "Are you married to Doctor No?"
Owlvarl: #as woman# ".....No."

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Reason 1,001,554 why my life rules

Commercial: "I had a heart attack at fifty-one. Now, I trust my heart to Lipitor."
Owlvark: "He's a monster from the sea."
Duamuteffe: #giggling# "That's Gorgo."
Owlvarl: "Oh, right."
Commercial: "When diet and exercise aren't enough, trust *your* heart to Lipitor."
Owlvark: "He'll protect it with his radioactive heat vision."

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Must be a new addition to the park...

Duamuteffe: "So, keep a weekday in August clear in your calendar, as we want to get everyone together and go to Cedar Point."
Nojim: "I'm definitely in, as long as we hit there at opening time and don't leave until it closes. I get discounts, too. Who else is coming?"
Duamuteffe: "Well, ideally I'd like to get the whole gang together- and I figure if there's enough of us there, we can trade off so one of us can always be watching the kiddo."
Nojim: "Yeah, that would be awesome- we can take her to Snoopy-Doo Land!"
Nojim: #hysterical laughter# "Wait, Snoopy...Scooby...What the hell is Snoopy-Doo, anyway?"